Image of Reversible Plum Etching Yoga Mat (6mm)

Reversible Plum Etching Yoga Mat (6mm)

Rich plum and serene gray define the ancient mandala detail on one side of our reversible mat; on the other is the simple, abstract acorn symbolizing luck, prosperity and growth. And with our mat's lifetime guarantee, your practice can do just that-grow.

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Gaiam Logo Reversible Plum Etching Yoga Mat (6mm) $34.98
Image of Premium Plum Impression Yoga Mat (6mm)
Premium Plum Impression Yoga Mat (6mm)

Practice in style on this stamped wooden-block inspired Premium Plum Impression Yoga Mat. The 6mm thickness of this mat will help keep you and your joints comfortable during any pose, while the no slip grip will keep you in place. Made without the six...


Image of Reversible Divinity Yoga Mat (6mm)
Reversible Divinity Yoga Mat (6mm)

Enjoy symmetry (and versatility) with two divine patterns in moody hues of maroon and violet. Our extra-thick 6mm mat is extra-comfortable for your extra-long routines. Made of durable, non-toxic PVC, the mat has a textured surface to keep your hands...


Image of Reversible Elephant Yoga Mat (6mm)
Reversible Elephant Yoga Mat (6mm)

Choose a lively elephant on a serene sea of blue or an ancient paisley motif on a vivid yellow backdrop, letting you mix it up for every use. Available exclusively from Gaiam in a premium 6mm thickness that offers cushioned support and stability. The...


Image of Reversible Fusion Yoga Mat (6mm)
Reversible Fusion Yoga Mat (6mm)

Discover new serenity. These reversible prints with repeating patterns hint at the idea of infinity. Made from durable, non-toxic PVC, this mat's non-slip surface and comfortable 6mm thickness will help you hold your poses longer. You can also add to...