Image of Restore Stretch & Massage Kit

Restore Stretch & Massage Kit

Work out tight, knotted muscles and improve flexibility with this all in one Restore Stretch & Massage Kit. The durable nylon strap includes a loop at each end for comfortable hand positioning and one loop in the middle for secure foot placement, making i

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Gaiam Logo Restore Stretch & Massage Kit $19.98
Image of Restore Deep Tissue Massage Roller
Restore Deep Tissue Massage Roller

Your cool-down never had it so good. Harness deep tissue relief with a sure-grip massage stick built on solid steel construction. Our 18" roller with its unique wave texture and easy-glide motion lets you really penetrate muscles, targeting pressure point


Image of Gaiam Relax Massage Roller
Gaiam Relax Massage Roller

Target pressure points, increase circulation, and alleviate sore muscles with this wooden Gaiam Relax Massage Roller. This hand-held roller is 16" long, with ergonomic comfort-grip handles, and features 9 independent textured massage rings that roll freel


Image of Relax Cold Therapy Massage Roller
Relax Cold Therapy Massage Roller

You and your muscles deserve a relaxing cooldown post-workout or post-work. Made using our cold-gel technology, our Cold Therapy Massage Roller offers a cooling massage simply on its own and an extra-cooling massage after being stored in the freezer....


Image of Restore Hot & Cold Therapy Kit
Restore Hot & Cold Therapy Kit

Our Restore Hot & Cold Therapy Kit delivers gentle, controlled tension release to hard-working muscles in the back, shoulders, glutes, and feet. Includes two Therapy Balls, one smooth and one textured, filled with a unique compound that enables them to...