Image of Restore Mini On-the-Go Massager

Restore Mini On-the-Go Massager

Work out small kinks anywhere with our Mini On-the-Go Massager. Because of its peanut shape, it's ideal for hugging and relaxing the muscles along your spine and especially the center of your back. A clasped carrying strap makes it easy to attach the mass

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Gaiam Logo Restore Mini On-the-Go Massager $9.98
Image of Restore Mini Pinpoint Massager
Restore Mini Pinpoint Massager

A smaller version of our popular massager gives you multiple treatments. A grooved, rolling wheel loosens tightness. A small knob creates pinpointed pressure. And the textured, curved handle offers both leg relief and helps you reach knots in your neck,...


Image of Restore On-The-Go Performance Massager
Restore On-The-Go Performance Massager

Get relief anywhere, anytime, with the Restore On-The-Go Performance Massager. Between 3 to 4 inches shorter than most massage sticks, this smaller sized massager is ideal for on-the-go use, with a textured surface that provides the ultimate muscle stimul


Image of Restore 2-Piece Pinpoint Massager
Restore 2-Piece Pinpoint Massager

We never stop innovating. And this back massager shows it. Five interchangeable attachments give you five kinds of massage. Powered by your own light leverage, our massager provides deep, effective, focused pressure to loosen muscles in your upper, lower


Image of Restore Cold Therapy Massager
Restore Cold Therapy Massager

Trade the ice bath for our Cold Therapy Massager to repair your post-workout muscles. Freeze the roller and it holds the cold for a solid 20 minutes, giving you plenty of time to massage lactic acid out of larger muscles-reducing inflammation and relievin