Image of Premium Soft Prism Yoga Mat (6mm)

Premium Soft Prism Yoga Mat (6mm)

The light-bending, prism-inspired design on this mat just might inspire you to bend your body more deeply as you explore new yoga poses. At 6mm thick, it offers just the cushioning you need, no matter where your practice takes you. It's free of the six mo

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Gaiam Logo Premium Soft Prism Yoga Mat (6mm) $29.98
Image of Premium Violet Prism Yoga Mat (6mm)
Premium Violet Prism Yoga Mat (6mm)

Just as a prism bends the light, the practice of yoga gently bends the body, leading to supreme relaxation, flexibility and contentedness. Our Violet Prism mat, featuring soul-centering purples, is 6mm thick to add unsurpassed comfort and cushioning to...


Image of Premium Alterra Yoga Mat (6mm)
Premium Alterra Yoga Mat (6mm)

Our Alterra mat features calming colors with a design that's reminiscent of the ocean's gentle waves, keeping you grounded and inspired as you flow through your practice. The supremely cushioning 6mm-thick mat is made of latex-free PVC that's also free...


Image of Premium Capri Yoga Mat (6mm)
Premium Capri Yoga Mat (6mm)

Find your center with this colorful Premium Capri Yoga Mat. The 6mm thickness provides extra-cushioning, which supports joints while you explore longer and harder poses. The texture of this mat is made from no slip, grippy material, keeping you in place...


Image of Premium Marrakesh Yoga Mat (6mm)
Premium Marrakesh Yoga Mat (6mm)

You'll love unrolling your mat and stepping onto this colorful mat with a delicate printed medallion pattern. The 6mm thickness keeps you stable and supported while helping to protect your joints during intense postures and movements. Made without the...