Image of PetWell Dual Point Massager

PetWell Dual Point Massager

Use both ends of the Dual Point Massager for a versatile massage that leaves your pet more relaxed. This large roller is designed to massage out stiffness while the mini roller pinpoints and relieves tension. This massager's innovative curved handle lets

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Image of PetWell Therapeutic Massager
PetWell Therapeutic Massager

With four rounded nodes, this PetWell Therapeutic Massager can help increase your pet's circulation and relax tense muscles. The sure-grip knob lets you determine the amount of pressure to apply to each node. Each node doubles as a finger hold, offering...


Image of PetWell All-Over Massage Roller
PetWell All-Over Massage Roller

The PetWell All-Over Massage Roller is designed for long or short strokes for a customized total-body massage for small and large pets. The smooth-rolling motion stimulates blood flow to muscles and joints, helping decrease pain and inflammation. The...


Image of PetWell Massaging Groomer
PetWell Massaging Groomer

Give a dual massage with this PetWell Massaging Groomer. The multiple smaller bristles gently de-shed and groom while four giant bristles stimulate blood flow and reduce muscle tension. This groomer's massaging motion calms your pet and can help boost...


Image of PetWell Back & Neck Reliever
PetWell Back & Neck Reliever

Give your pet a gentle massage to help alleviate pain from arthritis or stiffness from a big day of play with the PetWell Back & Neck Reliever. Made to hug the contours of your pet's back and neck, the roller also works on the shoulders, chest, and hips.