Image of Performance Mandala Cork Yoga Mat (5mm)

Performance Mandala Cork Yoga Mat (5mm)

All-natural sustainable cork is eco-friendly, lightweight and durable. The closed-cell construction seals out germs, odor and bacteria, making it the idea surface for your yoga practice. As a bonus, the grounding and centering mandala image offers inspira

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Gaiam Logo Performance Mandala Cork Yoga Mat (5mm) $39.98
Image of Performance Cork Yoga Mat (5mm)
Performance Cork Yoga Mat (5mm)

It's one of the greatest materials yoga's ever met: cork. A sustainable, naturally cushioned material, cork is antimicrobial in a way that can handle your sweat yet repel germs and odor. With cork on one side and eco-friendly TPE on the other, our lightwe


Image of Premium Purple Mandala Yoga Mat (6mm)
Premium Purple Mandala Yoga Mat (6mm)

Find your center with this Premium Purple Mandala Yoga Mat. The 6mm thickness provides extra-cushioning, which supports joints while you explore longer and harder poses. The texture of this mat is made from no slip, grippy material, keeping you in place...


Image of Cork Yoga Wheel
Cork Yoga Wheel

Roll out muscle tension and roll in to new possibilities with our Cork Yoga Wheel. Naturally antibacterial, the cork surface is gentle on your body and holds its grip whether it's wet or dry. Made for any ability level, the wheel can help improve mobility


Image of Performance Natural Cork Block
Performance Natural Cork Block

A must-have for practitioners at all levels, our Performance Natural Cork Block safely unlocks advanced poses by providing a firm, comfortable seat for meditation and height for standing poses. Made in China. Deepens your stretches and poses Ensures prope