Image of Infused Water Bottle (22oz)

Infused Water Bottle (22oz)

Keep your water fresh and fruity with our 22-oz Infused Water Bottle. The wide-mouthed opening lets you easily pop in ice cubes so liquids stay cold while the three piece design makes it easy to care for. The separate compartments also keep the fruit seed

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Gaiam Logo Infused Water Bottle (22oz) $14.98
Image of Sure Grip Water Bottle (20oz)
Sure Grip Water Bottle (20oz)

You can't go wrong with our sure-grip glass water bottles. Fitted with colorful silicone sleeves to enhance your hold and prevent breakage, each bottle has a leak-proof stainless-steel cap with a convenient carry strap for on-the-go use. 20 oz. glass...


Image of Athena Glass Water Bottle (20oz)
Athena Glass Water Bottle (20oz)

Keep your look fresh and your water fresher with our 20-oz glass bottle in a peek-a-boo latticework design. The wide-mouthed opening lets you easily pop in ice cubes so liquids stay cold. The attractive silicone sleeve offers a great grip and protective...


Image of Cascade Glass Water Bottle (20oz)
Cascade Glass Water Bottle (20oz)

If you're like us, you want a glass water bottle that can move at your speed without you having to worry about breakage or denting. Our Cascade 20-oz. Water Bottle is all that. The colored silicon sleeve offers a splash of style and solid grip while prote


Image of Meridian Glass Water Bottle (20oz)
Meridian Glass Water Bottle (20oz)

If you're looking for an excuse to hit the studio or gym, look no further than the sleek design of our onyx and wild berry glass water bottles. Our 20-oz. bottles are wrapped in a protective silicon sleeve that has a saucy slit up two sides so you can...